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Our Original Disco parties are BY FAR our most popular packages and it's not difficult to see why ... they include the following:

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Perfect for 4-8 year olds, our Original Disco packages provide a perfect mix of traditional party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues with some more modern games such as our awesome limbo dancing and play parachute activities! We have lots of high energy dance moves thrown in for good measure too.

If your child is older than the recommended age range but you think they would enjoy this package, please do get in touch, as we can make some tweaks to make sure we offer an age appropriate party experience.

Our music system plays all the latest chart music along with some kids favourites such as the Fast Food Song and Superman! We even have the Happy Birthday song ready to play, for when the birthday candles are blown out and that special magical wish is made!

Included in the cost of the party are two of our awesome and energetic entertainers, who will organise all of the games and activities and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish! We provide a selection of fun prizes and runner up treats for the children.

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Original Disco Mini - £220
(entertainment only, includes 2 team members)

Original Disco Ultimate - £260
(entertainment AND face painting, includes 3 team members, one of whom will be a dedicated face painter throughout)

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The ideal venue for an Original Disco party is somewhere with plenty of space to move around - a village hall or community centre is perfect! Other popular locations include social clubs, sports clubs, church halls, bars and restaurants.

Sometimes these venues can be quite plain, so feel free to brighten them up with banners and balloons (make sure you pin the balloons onto the walls rather than leaving them loose on the floor where they can be a huge distraction).

Please note, we add on a travel surcharge of £10 for all parties within a 10-20 mile radius from our HQ's (WA9 and BB5) and £20 for a 20-30 mile radius.

Don't miss out - check our availability BEFORE you book your venue!

Your entertainers will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the party start time to get set up - don't worry, we don't take long to get plugged in and get our music playing. We're good to go in no time at all!

We'll spend the first ten minutes or so welcoming all of the mini guests, then we get straight into our high energy party games and dancing. We play games pretty much non-stop until the food break (normally half way through the party). During the food break, we will continue to play music ... we can even help to serve the food if you need us to - we're more than happy to help in any way we can!

After the food break, we'll get straight into more party games right up until it's time for everyone to go home. Want us to help hand out your party bags? Just ask! 

On the day ...

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