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Go for gold with one of our super sports parties! 2 hours of high energy fun ... the perfect way to celebrate your superstars special day!

We offer two amazing action-packed options, designed with ages 4+ in mind! Both packages provide two hours of fun sporty games, competitions and tons of stickers and prizes for your little ones special day.

Our Mini Sports package is aimed towards younger children ages 5-6 and our All Star package is designed to suit the older sports fanatics aged 7+! Details of each package are outlined below:

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Our All-Star package is aimed towards the older sporty superstars! Alongside playing lots of sports themed games, it includes lots of friendly competition, which never fails to get every child hyped up to get involved! These parties always end with lots of rosy cheeks and smiling faces! 


Our Mini sports package on the other hand is ideal for the younger kiddos  ... perfect for 5th or 6th birthday celebrations! it includes a less competitive approach to our sporty games. We still include some of our best traditional party games as well as some limbo and parachute activities, the sporty games are much simpler than the All Star package to ensure that the party ends with smiles all round!

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Just £250 for 2 hours of high energy, sporty fun!

Our entertainers will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the party start time to get set up- don't worry, we don't take long to get plugged in and get our music playing. We're good to go in no time!


After setting up, your entertainers will spend the first 10 minutes or so welcoming all of the mini guests, then we get straight into our high energy warm up to get everyone in the mood to move! We play lots of fast paced games, competitions and relays pretty much non-stop until the food break (normally half way through the party). We even include a sporty pass the parcel style game which is always super popular! During the food break, we will continue to play music.. We can even help to serve the food if you need us to - We're more than happy to help in any way we can!

After the food break, we'll get straight into more sporty party games right up until it is time for everyone to go home. Want us to help give out your your party bags? Just ask!

On the day!
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