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  • Are your parties suitable for a mix of both boys and girls?

    Yes, other than our pamper packages, all of our packages are suitable for boys and girls, with games and activities suitable for all.

    What age children do your parties cater for?

    Here at The Kids Party Company, we have a party package with most ages and tastes in mind – going right up to our Christening Package where we have teenagers and even adults joining in!

    Do I have to provide party prizes?

    Definitely not!! Our entertainers bring plenty of age appropriate prizes and runner up treats along to each party. These are included in our price. We do play a pass the parcel style game which does not include a wrapped parcel - if you would like a more traditional style pass the parcel game you are welcome to provide a ready-wrapped parcel on the day for us to use.

    There will be lots of different aged children – can they all be involved in the party entertainment?

    Of course! We have lots of experience in entertaining a wide range of ages, from the tiniest of tots to terrific teenagers!

    How many children can attend the party?

    This depends on which entertainment package you choose – if you’re a little worried about numbers, then just get in touch – it may not be a problem!


    Can you fit in with a themed party?

    We love themed parties – so much so that we have our very own premium packages to tie in with your most requested themes!

  • How far in advance should I book my party?

    The earlier the better! It’s never too early to get booked in, and secure your preferred time to avoid disappointment, but don’t forget we are sometimes able to help out with last minute celebrations as well!

    How do I book a party?

    Either complete the online contact form (preferred option), or drop us a call, text, Whatsapp or email.

    Will I need to pay a deposit to secure my party booking?

    Yes - once we have taken all your party details, we will email a booking confirmation containing a finalisation link over to you. This contains details on how to pay the required £50 deposit via bank transfer.

    We’re thinking of booking a bouncy castle too -  will this work?

    Bouncy castles can be a great addition to a party, but are not usually necessary when you have booked party entertainment.

    Can my child choose his or her favourite songs?

    Of course! We carry all the latest chart and pop songs for children and are only too happy to play the birthday child’s personal favourites! We will ask you for the birthday child’s favourite songs during our pre-event email, which you will receive 7 days prior to your party.

    Can I add to or change my party details after booking?

    Certainly! If you need to make changes to your booking, feel free to call, text or email us as many times as you need to – it’s all part of our great service!

    How do I know you will turn up to my child’s party?

    The Kids Party Company is an established, professional children’s entertainment company - not attending a child’s party is simply not an option for us. Apart from believing it is morally wrong to let down any of our customers, our excellent reputation is extremely valuable to us and we would never do anything to jeopardize this. We also have numerous excellent reviews on our Facebook page, Google and here on the website, which you are more than welcome to read through to ease any concerns you may have.


    Can I have the party at home?

    Yes but please bear in mind that our parties are very active and include lots of high energy games and dancing, so as long as you have sufficient space to hold the party at home this would not be a problem. We would, however, always recommend a local church hall or function room as these can be found locally at very reasonable prices.


    Do you hold public liability insurance?

    Yes. We hold £5 million public liability cover and we are happy to provide a copy upon request

  • Should I decorate the venue?

    Absolutely! Decorating the party venue with banners, posters, and balloons looks great and really adds to the atmosphere. Tie balloons at the entrance of the venue to let the guests know where you are, however, balloons inside are best secured to the wall, rather than being loose on the floor.  Children playing with balloons and popping them during the entertainment can be a huge distraction and can also be frightening for younger children or those sensitive to loud sounds.


    Can parents stay to watch the party?
    We welcome all parents and carers to stay in the party room and watch their children enjoying themselves with their friends and family. We do ask that at least two adults (usually a parent or guardian of the child who is having the party) is on hand in the party room at all times.  He or she will be ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the children attending the party. 


    How long do you take to set up?

    Our entertainers will arrive approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled party start time. We take 5-10 minutes to set up, so we will be ready and raring to go when the mini guests start to arrive!


    What food should I provide?

    Party food boxes (similar to McDonalds Happy Meal boxes) are perfect for children’s birthday parties. They are quicker, easier and reduce food waste compared to a buffet. A sandwich or two, yoghurt tube, fruit bag and chocolate biscuit is ideal, along with a carton drink for each child.


    What if my child won’t join in the entertainment?

    Our experienced entertainers will do everything in their power to make sure that the birthday child has an amazing party. If however the birthday child is shy, very young or upset being the centre of attraction, it may need a familiar grown up to be by their side for some of the games until they settle down.


    Do you stop for a food break during the party?

    Yes, we normally recommend stopping for food after the first hours entertainment. A food break  at a children’s birthday party typically last for around 15 minutes. During that time, our entertainers will continue to play music and are more than happy to help serve food or drinks to the children, or clear up empty plates!

  • How does your Christening package differ from your other parties?

    Our Christening package were designed with mixed age celebrations in mind – and so are also perfect for Communions, Naming Ceremonies, etc. We cater towards the 3-10 crowd for the main part, but often find older children (and even teenagers!) join in with our games and activities – they just can’t resist! Equally we are able to dedicate part of our entertainment towards the under 3’s if there are lots of babies and tots attending – just be sure to request this during your booking, as, although not part of the standard package, it can be added on for no extra charge!

    Do we need a DJ as well as yourselves?

    Nope! Our Christening packages vary in length from two hours up to four hours (we can even do longer if needed!), and includes music for the full duration. Our PA systems are powerful enough for the music to be easily heard throughout all standard sized venues, however, we generally keep the music fairly low key on the request of our customers – just let us know your preferences when booking!

    Will you involve the grown-ups?

    The choice is entirely yours! We do tend to involve the adults (just once or twice) during our Christening entertainment, and it works really well, adding to the fun memories of your little ones special day. If you would rather us not, simply express your preference when booking, that’s just fine too!


    Can we have face painting too?

    Of course – we can provide face painting with our 2, 3 and 4 hour Christening package at no extra charge. However, please be aware that depending on the number of children wanting their faces painted, we may have to sacrifice some of our games and activity time with the two hour package. This is not an issue with our longer packages, as we have more time available.

  • How far in advance should we book?

    Try to book in as early as you can!!! We have regular customers who book their children’s Christmas parties year after year – often twelve months in advance!! That’s not to say we won’t be able to help with bookings made closer to the time, however, so please do get in touch!

    Does Santa come to your Christmas parties?

    December is Santa’s busiest time of year, but he is always more than happy to take an hour away from toy making (and wrapping) to attend our Christmas Parties. Please enquire!

    What games do you play?

    We play some of our most popular party games, and some exclusively festive games and activities too! We also make sure we play some favourite Christmas tunes as well to get even the biggest scrooge into the festive spirit!

  • How many faces can you paint in one hour?

    We can paint an average of 10-12 faces in an hour depending on the designs chosen. For younger children we have a basic selection of designs that are quick and easy to do to save them having to sit still for too long.

    Can you paint within the theme of my child's party?

    Absolutely! Just let us know the theme of the party when booking and we will make sure to have some face painting designs ready for the event itself.


    What kind of products do you use?

    We use only EU and FDA approved face paint as we are seriously committed to the safety of our little customers. These water based formulas are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic, gentle and easy to remove with a warm wet flannel. The main brand we use is Diamond FX.


    How soon should I book?

    You should book your face painter as soon as the date of your event is confirmed. We do tend to get booked up in advance, however, we are sometimes able to attend last minute bookings too!


    Will I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. A £50 deposit will be needed to secure your date – this can be paid via bank transfer for your ease and convenience.


    What do you need to set up?

    We will need a small allocated space for us to work in with good lighting; a table and two chairs per face painter booked, plus access to a sink / water supply. If we are required to face paint at an outdoor event, we would require a gazebo or shelter to protect us and our equipment from the sun, wind or rain.


    How much do you charge?

    ​We have prices here on the website under our PARTIES tab for up to 7 hours hire of one of our face painters. If you require more than one face painter, please contact us directly for a quote.

    For events such as children’s birthday parties, weddings or christenings, we can incorporate face painting into one of our party entertainment packages – please see our PARTIES page for more information.


    Can you paint my baby’s face?

    Face paint is not recommended for children under 3 years old. However we are more than happy to paint a small design on the hand or arm of younger children providing they are happy for us to do so. You will be happy to hear that there is no upper age limit on our face painting!

    My child doesn’t like having their face painted, but will you just do it anyway?

    If a child is reluctant to have his or her face painted, we cannot comply with the wishes of the parent or carer over the desire of the child. Young children do not always understand face painting - someone they do not know is doing something to them, which they cannot see. In these cases, a small design on the hand may be more enjoyable for them. They can see what is being done, feel in control of the situation, and can look at it and enjoy it for the rest of the day.


    What if I have a rash or other skin condition?

    We cannot paint the face of anyone who, in our opinion, his suffering from eczema, infectious skin conditions, cold sores, acne or conjunctivitis. Similarly, we cannot paint on open cuts and grazes. We will offer alternative options wherever possible though, such as hand or arm painting, or a face paint design which is not in close proximity to the affected skin.


    What if my child is ill?

    We are unable to paint anyone suffering from cold/flu symptoms. Hay fever sufferers are advised to have a design which avoids the eye area.

    I didn’t book enough time to get all my guests painted – will you stay longer?

    We would absolutely love to stay and finish all your guests and as long as we don't have an event following yours, we can simply charge you in half hour increments. Occasionally we have to book events back to back. In those cases we are not able to stay longer than promised, so please let us know if this is a possibility.


    How do I remove the face paint?

    The best way to wash our face paint off is to use a warm wet flannel. It is not normally necessary to use soap. Baby wipes (fragrance free) can be used to remove the paint but in our experience, a warm wet flannel works much better! Certain colours can be a little tougher to remove – in this case we recommend wetting the paint with a mild soap/shampoo & build a soapy lather.  Then rinse & wipe.  Also effective is using a little baby oil or no-tears shampoo.

    Are your face painters DBS checked (formerly CRB)?

    Yes - all of our entertainers and face painters are DBS checked.


    Do you do charity work?

    We only choose to work alongside one or two carefully selected charity events each year, so please do not be offended if you ask and we refuse. We can however, offer an attractive option for charity and fundraising cases or other public events – you pay us our hourly rate and we charge the public to recoup costs for you (you will keep all monies taken) - this way we still cover all our costs whilst you earn back what you have paid to hire us, and hopefully a little extra for your chosen charity. Also having a face painter attend really helps to draw in the crowds!

Whether it be a birthday party, Christening celebration – in fact, whatever the occasion - The Kids Party Company are the party professionals – we really do have a passion for parties!


We have a comprehensive list of questions and answers below which should help with your party planning and give you a little more of an idea what you can expect from us.


If you have a question which isn't covered below, then please do get in touch as we would be delighted to respond to any queries you may have!

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